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Anton Chekhov Biography
This page contains a short biography on the life and works of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. Users can learn about Chekhov's youth, schooling, wife & children, writings, awards & honors, illnesses, and death.

Historical Background of works
This page talks about the political issues of Russia, wars & injustices, poverty, government issues, and other worldly events that occurred during the time of Anton Chekhov's writings.

Bibliography of all works
This page contains a complete chronological listing of every work created by Anton Chekhov. The list starts from the most recent works to the older works, and each listing contains the work's title and type of writing.

Bibliography of critical works
This page contains a chronological MLA listing of nineteen critical short stories created by Anton Chekhov. These critical works are said to be the best short stories Chekhov ever wrote.

Pictures of Anton Chekhov
This page contains five pictures of the great Anton Chekhov from various times in his life. The page includes a picture of Chekhov sitting down, one of his in 1885 & 1901, and a regular portrait & drawing of Chekhov.

Links to other Chekhov sites
This page contains a few links to other websites that are dedicated to the great Anton Chekhov. There is even a cool link to a fan club of the character Chehov, from the Star Trek series.

Critical Analyses...
  • "Gooseberries"
  • "A Lady with A Dog"
  • "Vanka"
  • "Misery"
  • The Seagull

    Pictures & Drawings...

  • Chekhov sitting down
  • Drawing of Chekhov
  • Chekhov in 1885
  • Chekhov in 1901
  • Portrait of Chekhov
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