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The Complete Works of Anton Chekhov
By Phil Stanwick

The following is a list of all the works of the Russian author Anton Chekhov. They are all listed by the year that they were published. This is taken from K.A. Lantz's book Anton Chekhov a Reference Guide to Literature. Chekhov's unfinished or unpublished and untranslated works are not included. The work is followed by what it is published in.

The Cherry Orchard - Sbornik tovarishch estva "Znanie".

"Betrothed" - Zhurnal dlia vseekh.

"The Bishop" - Zhurnal dlia vsekh.

The Three Sisters - Russkaia mysl'.

"At Christmas" - Peterburgaskaia gazeta.
"In the Ravine" - Zhizn.

"On Official Duty" - Knizhki nedeli.
"The Darling" - Sem'ia.
"The New Dacha" - Russkie vedomosti.
"A Lady with the Little Dog" - Russkaia mysl'.

"A Visit to Friends" - Cosmopolis. Mezhdunarodnyi zhurnal.
"Ionych" - Ezhemesiachnye literaturnye "Niva".
"The Man in a Case" - Russkaia mysl'.
"Goosberries" - Russkaia mysl'.
"About Love" - Russkaia mysl'.
"A Case History" - Russkaia mysl'.

"Peasants" - Russkaia mysl'.
"The Savage" - Russkie vedomosti.
"At Home" - Russkie vedomosti.
"In The Cart" - Russkie vedomosti.
Uncle Vanya - P'esy.

"The Artist's Story" - Russkaia mysl'.
"My Life" - Ezhemesiachnye literaturnye "Niva".
The Seagull - Russkaia mysl'.

"Three Years" - Russkaia mysl'.
"His Wife" - Pochin.
"Whitebrow" - Detskoe chtenie.
"Murder" - Russkaia mysl'.
"Anna Round The Neck" - Russkie vedomosti.
The Island of Sakhalin; From Travel Notes - Moscow.
"Airadne" - Russkia mysl'.

"The Black Monk" - Artist.
"A Woman's Kingdom" - Russkaia mysl'.
"Rothschild's Fiddle" - Russkie vedmosti.
"The Student" - Russkie vedomosti.
"The Russian Master" - Novoe vremia.
"At a Country House" - Russkie vedomosti.
"The Head Gardener's Story" - Russkie vedomosti.

"An Anonymous Story" - Russkaia mysl'.
"The Two Volodias" - Russkie Vedomosti.
The Island of Sakhalin - Russkaia mysl'.

"My Wife" - Severnyi vestnik.
"The Grasshopper" - Sever.
The Anniversary - Moscow.
"After the Theatre" - Peterburgaskaia gazeta.
"A Fragment" - Oskolki.
"The History of a Business Enterprise" - Oskolki.
"In Exile" - Vsemirnaia Nedeli.
"A Fishy Affair" - Oskolki.
"Neighbours" - Knizhki Nedeli.
"Ward Six" - Russkaia mysl'.
"Terror" - Novoe vremia.

"Peasant Women" - Novoe vremia.
"The Duel" - Novoe vremia.
"In Moscow" - Novoe vremia.

"Horse Thieves" - Novoe vremia.
The Wedding - Moscow.
The Wood Demon - Moscow.
"From Siberia" - Navoe vremia.
"Gusev" - Novoe vremia.

"The Bet" - Novoe vremia.
"A Fit of Nerves" - Pamiati Garshina: Khudozh literaturnyi.
Ivanov - Severyi vestnik. (second edition)
"The Princess" - Novoe vremia.
"A Forced Declaration" - Novoe vremia.
A Tradgedian in Spite of Himself - St. Petersburg.
"A Dreary Story" - Severnyi_vestnik.
Tatyana Repina - St. Petersburg.

Ivanov - Moscow. (first edition)
"Sleepy" - Peterburgaskaia gazeta.
"The Steppe" - Severnyi vestnik.
"An Unpleasantness" - Novoe vremia.
"The Bear" - Novoe vremia.
"Beauties" - Novoe vremia.
"The Name-Day Party" - Severnyi vestnik.
"The Cobbler and the Devil" - Peterburgaskaia gazeta.
The Proposal - Moscow.

"Champagne" - Peterburgaskaia gazeta.
"The Swan Song" - Sezon.
"The Beggar" - Peterburgaskala gazeta.
"Enemies" - Novoe vremia.
"Polinka" - Peterburgaskaia gazeta.
"An Inadvertance" - Oskolki.
"Verochka" - Novoe vremia.
"Typhus" - Peterburgaskaia gazeta.
"In Holy Week" - Peterburgaskaia gazeta.
"The Letter" - Novoe vremia.
"The Investigator" - Peterburgaskaia gazeta.
"Volodia" - Peterburgaskaia gazeta.
"Happiness" - Novoe vremia.
"A Rolling Stone" - Novoe vremia.
"The Siren" - Peterburgaskaia gazeta.
"The Shepherd's Pipe" - Novoe vremia.
"The Kiss" - Novoe vremia.
"Boys" - Peterburgaskaia gazeta.
"Kashtanka" - Novoe vremia.

"Heartache" - Peterburgaskaia gazeta.
"An Upheaval" - Peterburgaskaia gazeta.
"Smoking is Bad for You" - Peterburgaskaia gazeta.
"Anyuta" - Oskolki.
"The Night Before the Trial" - Oskolki.
"The Sevice for the Dead" - Novoe vremia.
"The Witch"- Novoe vremia.
"A Little Joke" - Sverchok.
"A Nightmare" - Novoe vremia.
"Grisha" - Oskolki.
"On Holy Night" - Novoe vremia.
"A Gentlemen Friend" - Oskolki.
"The Privy Councillor" - Novoe vremia.
"Mire" - Novoe vremia.
"Dreams" - Novoe vremia.
"On The Road" - Novoe vremia.
"Vanka" - Peterburgaskaia gazeta.

"The Captain's Tunic" - Oskolki.
"The Burbot" - Peterburgskaia gazeta.
"A Horsey Name" - Peterburgaskaia gazeta.
"The Huntsman" - Peterburgaskaia gazeta.
"The Malefactor" - Peterburgaskaia gazeta.
"The Cook's Wedding" - Peterburgaskaia gazeta.
"Sergeant Prishbeev" - Peterburgaskaia gazeta.
"Grief" - Peterburgaskaia gazeta.

"The Sweedish Match" - Al'manakh "Strekozy".
"The Complaint Book" - Oskolki.
"Minds in Ferment" - Oskolki.
"Surgery" - Oskolki.
"The Chameleon" - Oskolki.
"Vint" - Oskolki.
"Oysters" - Budil'nik.
The Shooting Party - Novosti dnia.
"On the Highway" - Slovo.

"Two in One" - Zritel.
"The Death of a Civil Servant" - Oskolki.
"A Daughter of Albion" - Oskolki.
"In Autumn" - Budil'nik.
"The Fat Man and the Thin Man" - Oskolki.
"At Sea" - Mirskoi tolk.

"The Green Scythe (A Little Novel)" - Literaturnoe "Moskva".
"An Unnecessary Victory" - Budl'nik.
"A Lady" - Moskva.
"Late Blooming Flowers" - Mirskoi tolk.

"St. Peter's Day" - Budl'nik.
"The Sinner from Toledoll" - Zritel.
Platnov - Neizdannaia p'esa A.P. Chekhov.

"A Letter to a Learned Neighbour" - Strekoza.
"For Apples" - Strekoza.

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